SAP Next-Gen scholarship for US students, 2024 ($10,000)


The SAP Next-Gen scholarship is a prestigious opportunity for US students looking to further their studies in 2024. With a generous award of $10,000, this scholarship aims to support and empower the next generation of leaders in technology, innovation, and sustainability. Sponsored by SAP, a global leader in enterprise software, this scholarship reflects the company’s commitment to fostering talent and driving positive change in society.

By offering this scholarship to US students, SAP is investing in individual potential and contributing to the advancement of industries that rely on cutting-edge technologies. The impact of this scholarship extends beyond financial support; it opens doors to invaluable networking opportunities and mentorship programs that can shape the future careers of its recipients.

Scholarship Provider

SAP is a multinational software corporation based in Germany with a strong global presence. Known for its innovative solutions in business management and customer relations, SAP has established itself as a leader in digital transformation across various industries. The SAP Next-Gen scholarship exemplifies the company’s dedication to nurturing talent and driving innovation through education.

Host Country Overview

The United States serves as the host country for the SAP Next-Gen scholarship. Home to numerous top-tier educational institutions and tech hubs, the US offers a vibrant environment for students pursuing careers in technology and innovation. With a strong emphasis on research and development, US universities provide a fertile ground for aspiring scholars to flourish and impact the world stage.

Eligible Applicants

The SAP Next-Gen scholarship is open to US students who plan to enroll in an accredited university or college for the 2024 academic year. Applicants must demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, and a passion for leveraging technology for social good. Underrepresented groups in STEM fields are encouraged to apply.

Scholarship Benefits

The $10,000 SAP Next-Gen scholarship provides financial assistance to cover tuition fees, books, and other educational expenses. In addition to monetary support, recipients will have access to exclusive networking events, mentorship programs, and internship opportunities within SAP’s ecosystem. This holistic approach ensures that scholars receive financial aid and gain valuable industry insights and professional connections.

Level and Field of Study

The SAP Next-Gen scholarship is available for students pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in fields related to technology, innovation, sustainability, or business management. Whether studying computer science, engineering, environmental science, or entrepreneurship, eligible applicants must demonstrate a strong interest and aptitude in leveraging technology for societal impact.

Application Process

Interested candidates must complete an online application form by the specified deadline to apply for the SAP Next-Gen scholarship. The application requires submission of academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a personal statement outlining career goals and aspirations, as well as any relevant projects or extracurricular activities that showcase leadership skills or innovative thinking.

Eligible Countries

The SAP Next-Gen scholarship is exclusively available for US students pursuing higher education within the country. International students studying at US institutions are ineligible for this particular scholarship but may explore other opportunities offered by SAP globally.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the SAP Next-Gen scholarship, applicants must meet certain criteria, including being a US citizen or permanent resident enrolled at an accredited university or college. Academic merit is essential, along with leadership potential demonstrated through extracurricular activities or community involvement. A passion for utilizing technology solutions towards sustainable development goals is also highly valued.

How to Apply

To apply for the SAP Next-Gen scholarship program in 2024,

  • Visit the official website of SAP scholarships
  • Create an account or log in if you already have one
  • Complete all required sections of the online application form
  • Upload necessary documents such as transcripts & letters of recommendation
  • Submit your application before the specified deadline

Application Deadline

The deadline for submitting applications for the 2024 cycle of the SAP Next-Gen scholarship program is August annually. Late submissions will not be considered so ensure all materials are received by this date.

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