Oslo Marine Biology grant in Norway, 2025


The NOK7,500 Oslo Marine Biology grant in Norway opens doors for students passionate about marine biology. Sponsored by a renowned Norwegian organization, this scholarship aims to financially assist deserving candidates in advancing their studies and research within the captivating realm of marine biology. With a grant amounting to NOK7,500, recipients can enrich their academic journey while contributing to the exploration and preservation of marine ecosystems.

About the Sponsoring Organization

The organization behind the NOK7,500 Oslo Marine Biology grant is revered for its commitment to marine biology education and research. Renowned for its dedication to environmental sustainability and conservation, it significantly influences students and researchers devoted to marine life and habitat exploration. Through this scholarship, the organization nurtures the future of marine biology and underscores the imperative of safeguarding our oceans for generations to come.

Norway: The Host Country

Norway, renowned for its stunning natural landscapes and diverse marine biodiversity, provides an idyllic setting for the Oslo Marine Biology grant. With its extensive Atlantic coastline, Norway offers a rich habitat for numerous marine species. The nation’s unwavering commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable practices positions it as an exemplary locale for marine biology studies and oceanic research initiatives.

Who Can Apply?

The NOK7,500 Oslo Marine Biology grant extends a warm welcome to international students with a fervent passion for marine biology. Applicants should demonstrate outstanding academic achievements in relevant fields such as biology, environmental science, or marine studies. The scholarship seeks individuals deeply intrigued by marine life and eager to make positive contributions to the field through their studies and research.

Scholarship Benefits

Recipients of the NOK7,500 Oslo Marine Biology grant receive financial assistance to cover tuition fees, research expenses, or other educational costs associated with marine biology studies. Beyond monetary support, scholars gain access to a plethora of resources and opportunities for academic and professional growth in marine biology provided by the sponsoring organization.

Eligible Studies

This grant is open to both undergraduate and graduate students pursuing studies in marine biology or closely related disciplines. Whether focusing on exploring ocean ecosystems or examining human impacts on marine environments, this scholarship supports students in their endeavor to comprehend and conserve our oceans.

Application Process

Prospective applicants for the NOK7,500 Oslo Marine Biology grant should submit a comprehensive application package, including academic records, recommendation letters, a personal essay outlining their marine biology interests and objectives, and any relevant research or work experience. Selection criteria include academic merit, a demonstrated passion for marine biology, and potential impact in the field.

Eligibility and How to Apply

The grant is available to students worldwide, subject to the eligibility criteria established by the sponsoring organization. Interested individuals should ensure they meet these requirements and submit their applications in accordance with the provided guidelines.

Application Deadline and Link

Applicants should take note of the submission deadline and access further details on eligibility and application procedures at the official scholarship link provided by the organization.

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