Food Security Advocacy Scholarship in Kenya, 2024

Assisting in the Fight Against Hunger through Education

The Food Security Advocacy Scholarship, valued at $12,000 and available in Kenya, presents a remarkable opportunity for students committed to alleviating hunger. Sponsored by a prominent charity dedicated to enhancing lives across Africa, this scholarship aims to empower students in deepening their understanding of ensuring universal access to nutritious food.

Despite Kenya’s natural beauty and rich cultural diversity, numerous individuals face food insecurity due to adverse weather conditions, financial constraints, and limited food accessibility. The scholarship seeks to identify bright minds capable of devising innovative solutions to ensure food security for all in Kenya.

Eligibility Criteria

This scholarship is open to all students passionate about addressing food-related issues, regardless of their field of study—whether it’s agriculture, environmental science, public health, economics, or any other discipline related to food.


Recipients of this scholarship will receive $12,000, which can be utilized to cover educational expenses, research endeavors, accommodation costs, and other academic necessities. Additionally, scholars will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive workshops and conferences aimed at enhancing their knowledge of food security.

Areas of Study

Students can engage in any educational program that equips them with the skills to enhance agricultural practices, ensure food safety, promote environmental sustainability, empower communities, or address any other aspect pertinent to combating hunger.

Application Process

To apply for this scholarship, interested candidates must complete an application form available on the charity’s official website. Applicants are required to provide information about themselves, their academic achievements, and their dedication to advancing food security.

International Applicants

While primarily intended for students in Kenya or those studying in Kenya, individuals from neighboring regions facing similar food challenges are also encouraged to apply.

Qualification Criteria

Applicants must demonstrate a genuine commitment to addressing hunger-related issues through their academic pursuits or community involvement. Ideal candidates are proactive leaders, actively engaged in meaningful causes, and eager to collaborate with others on hunger-related initiatives.

Application Deadline

Candidates are advised to submit their applications before the specified deadline to ensure timely consideration. Late submissions will not be entertained.

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