Emerging Economists Scholarship in Singapore, 2024 worth $5,000.

Every year, talented young minds get the chance to pursue their dreams and contribute to the field of economics thanks to various scholarships. One such opportunity is the $5,000 Emerging Economists Scholarship in Singapore for 2024. This scholarship aims to recognize and support outstanding students who have a passion for economics and demonstrate potential for making significant contributions to this field.

The Host Organization: Empowering Future Leaders

The $5,000 Emerging Economists Scholarship is sponsored by the Institute of Economic Research (IER), a prestigious organization dedicated to fostering economic education and research. Founded over three decades ago, IER has been instrumental in shaping some of the brightest economic minds around the world.

Mission and Objectives

IER’s mission is simple but profound: to advance economic knowledge and promote informed policy-making through rigorous research, comprehensive education programs, and open dialogue. Their main objectives include:

  • Promoting Economic Literacy: By providing resources and opportunities for learning, IER aims to enhance public understanding of economic principles.
  • Encouraging Research: The institute supports groundbreaking research projects that address contemporary economic challenges.
  • Fostering Leadership: Through various scholarships and fellowships, IER nurtures future leaders who can apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Key Programs

In addition to scholarships like the Emerging Economists Scholarship, IER runs several key programs:

  • Research Grants: These grants support innovative projects that explore new dimensions of economic thought.
  • Workshops and Conferences: These events bring together experts from around the globe to discuss pressing economic issues.
  • Publications: IER regularly publishes reports, journals, and books that reflect current trends and findings in economics.

Why Choose Singapore?

Singapore stands out as an ideal location for aspiring economists. Known for its robust economy, strategic geopolitical position, and high quality of life, this city-state offers a fertile ground for academic growth and professional development.

Economic Landscape

Singapore boasts one of the most dynamic economies globally. It’s renowned for its business-friendly environment characterized by ease of doing business, transparent regulations, and a highly skilled workforce. Being an international financial hub with a vibrant trade sector makes Singapore an exciting place for economics students:

  • Global Financial Center: Home to numerous multinational corporations and financial institutions.
  • Innovative Ecosystem: Strong focus on innovation with substantial investments in technology and R&D.
  • Trade Powerhouse: A key player in global trade with one of the world’s busiest ports.

Educational Excellence

Singapore’s education system is consistently ranked among the best worldwide. Universities here offer top-notch programs with state-of-the-art facilities:

  • World-Class Institutions: National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) are ranked among the top global universities.
  • Cutting-edge Research Centers: Prominent centers dedicated to economics research provide ample opportunities for scholarly work.

Cultural Richness

Living in Singapore offers exposure to a rich tapestry of cultures:

  • Multicultural Society: A melting pot where diverse cultures coexist harmoniously.
  • Safe Environment: Consistently rated as one of the safest countries globally.

Lifestyle Perks

Students studying here benefit from numerous lifestyle perks:

  • High Quality of Life
  • Efficient Public Transport
  • Green Spaces & Recreational Activities

Scholarship Details

The $5,000 Emerging Economists Scholarship is designed specifically for students who aspire to excel in economics either during their undergraduate or postgraduate studies. Here’s what you need to know:

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this scholarship:

  • Applicants must be enrolled or planning to enroll in an accredited university or college program focusing on economics or related fields (finance/business).
  • Strong Academic Performance: A minimum GPA requirement typically applies.
  • Active Involvement or Interest in economic issues through participation in relevant projects, activities, research papers, publications, etc.

Application Process

The application process involves several steps:

  1. Online Application Form: Complete the form available on IER’s official website.
  2. Academic Transcripts: Submit academic transcripts verifying scholastic achievements.
  3. Recommendation Letters: Provide letters of recommendation from professors or mentors attesting to the candidate’s aptitude and passion for economics.
  4. Personal Statement: Write an essay detailing your journey, achievements, and future aspirations in the field of economics.

Selection Process

The selection process is thorough and transparent, involving several stages:

  • Initial Screening: Applications are reviewed to ensure they meet the basic eligibility requirements.
  • Detailed Evaluation: Shortlisted candidates undergo a detailed evaluation, including reviewing essays, recommendation letters, and transcripts to assess overall suitability for the program.
  • Interviews: Selected candidates may be invited to participate in an interview, conducted either virtually or in person, where the panel seeks a better understanding of their motivations, challenges faced, and vision for future aspirations.

Successful applicants will be notified via email, followed by an official letter containing details regarding the next steps and necessary formalities for the completion of scholarship acceptance.


The $5,000 Emerging Economists Scholarship represents more than just financial aid; it’s a stepping stone towards realizing one’s potential within a thriving educational environment supported by globally recognized institutions dedicated to nurturing intellectual growth and fostering innovative thinking. For those passionate about economics and seeking opportunities to expand their horizons, deepen their knowledge, and engage in meaningful discourse, this scholarship offers the perfect platform.

Apply today to seize this opportunity and embark on a transformative journey that awaits you in Singapore. Embrace the challenge, rise to meet expectations, and surpass them to reach the pinnacles of success. The world of economics is dynamic and evolving, and your contributions can make a significant impact on global economic policies and practices.

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