Creative Writing Fellowship in Estonia Scholarship 2024

The 2024 $60,000 Creative Writing Fellowship in Estonia stands as a distinguished scholarship initiative offered by the Estonian Ministry of Culture. Tasked with shaping cultural policies and advancement in Estonia, the Ministry endeavors to bolster artists and writers, nurturing innovation and cultural interaction throughout the nation.

Eligible Applicants

The $60,000 Creative Writing Fellowship in Estonia, 2024 is open to talented writers from all around the world. Applicants must have a passion for creative writing and demonstrate exceptional talent in their chosen field.

Scholarship Worth

The scholarship offers a generous stipend of $60,000 to support the recipient during their stay in Estonia. This includes accommodation expenses, living costs, and access to writing workshops and mentorship programs.

Level and Field of Study

The scholarship is available for individuals pursuing creative writing at any level – undergraduate or postgraduate. It covers various fields within creative writing including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, play writing, and screenwriting.

How to Apply

To apply for this prestigious fellowship program:

1. Compile your writing portfolio, highlighting your finest and most emblematic pieces.
2. Craft a personal statement elucidating your fervor for creative writing and elucidating how this scholarship will propel you towards your artistic aspirations.
3. Complete the online application form meticulously, furnishing all requisite information, and appending your writing portfolio and personal statement.

Candidates must verify that their portfolio is meticulously structured, demonstrates their diverse skill set, and adheres to the precise criteria delineated by the scholarship program.


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