Chilean Earth and Environmental Sciences Award in Chile, 2024

The Chilean Earth and Environmental Sciences Award, valued at Ch$500,000, is a prestigious scholarship program acknowledging exceptional contributions to research in earth and environmental sciences. Established in 2024 by the Chilean government, this award is designed to bolster advancements in these crucial fields. It stands as one of Chile’s most coveted scholarships, offering deserving individuals a unique opportunity to pursue their academic and professional aspirations.


Funded by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge, and Innovation of Chile, this award underscores the ministry’s dedication to fostering scientific research and innovation. Through this scholarship, the ministry seeks to empower passionate individuals interested in earth and environmental sciences.


Chile, renowned for its diverse landscapes encompassing deserts and glaciers, serves as an ideal backdrop for this scholarship. Its varied geography provides researchers with unparalleled opportunities to delve into various facets of earth and environmental sciences.


The Chilean Earth and Environmental Sciences Award welcomes applications from both domestic and international students demonstrating outstanding promise in their respective fields. It encourages diversity, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas among scholars from different cultural backgrounds.


Recipients of this esteemed scholarship receive a financial grant of Ch$500,000, providing crucial support for research endeavors, advanced studies, or contributions to ongoing projects in earth and environmental sciences.

Academic Focus

Covering a broad spectrum of academic levels and fields within earth and environmental sciences, this scholarship caters to individuals at different stages of their educational journey.

Application Process

To apply, prospective scholars must complete an online application form, providing personal details, academic history, a research proposal, and supporting documents such as transcripts.

International Reach

The scholarship is open to applicants worldwide, inviting students from all corners of the globe to explore Chile’s diverse landscapes while engaging in groundbreaking research.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must demonstrate exceptional academic performance and a strong commitment to advancing sustainability practices or addressing environmental challenges.


Applicants should take note of the application period, typically from January to May, and ensure all documents are submitted before the deadline for consideration by the selection committee. Late or incomplete applications may not be reviewed.

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