Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship in Netherlands, 2024


The Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship in the Netherlands stands as a distinguished award valued at €5,000, designed to attract exceptional international students to pursue their academic endeavors at one of Europe’s premier universities. This scholarship presents a remarkable opportunity for talented individuals to advance their education in a culturally vibrant city renowned for its top-tier educational institutions and groundbreaking research initiatives.

Scholarship Provider

Sponsored by the University of Amsterdam, a prestigious research university in the heart of the Dutch capital, the Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship offers a gateway to unparalleled academic excellence. With a storied legacy dating back to 1632, the University of Amsterdam has earned acclaim as a bastion of scholarly achievement. It offers a diverse array of programs spanning various disciplines. The institution’s unwavering commitment to fostering intellectual curiosity and innovation renders it a preeminent destination for students seeking a transformative educational experience.

Host Country Overview

The Netherlands, often affectionately referred to as Holland, is a vibrant and progressive nation nestled in Northwestern Europe. Renowned for its idyllic canals, historic architecture, and forward-thinking social policies, the Netherlands epitomizes a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. The country boasts a robust educational framework and is home to numerous universities consistently ranked among the global elite.

Amsterdam, the capital city and locus of the University of Amsterdam, epitomizes a bustling nexus of culture, commerce, and creativity. From world-class museums to bustling marketplaces and culinary delights, Amsterdam offers an enriching tapestry of experiences for residents and visitors alike.

Eligible Applicants

The Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship extends eligibility to non-EU/EEA students aspiring to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree at the University of Amsterdam. Applicants must demonstrate exceptional academic prowess and potential within their chosen field of study, alongside possessing robust leadership acumen, a fervent dedication to learning, and a resolute commitment to effecting positive change within society.

Scholarship Benefits

Recipients of the Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship will receive €5,000 towards their tuition fees for one academic year. Beyond financial assistance, scholars will gain access to an array of exclusive networking opportunities, mentorship programs, and career development resources facilitated by the university.

Level and Field of Study

The Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship welcomes applications from students enrolling in any bachelor’s or master’s program at the University of Amsterdam. Whether one’s academic interests lie in the arts and humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, or business studies, the university offers a diverse spectrum of programs catering to myriad interests and professional aspirations.

Application Process

To apply for the Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship, prospective candidates must first apply for their chosen program at the University of Amsterdam before being considered for the scholarship.

Eligible Countries

Students hailing from all non-EU/EEA countries are invited to vie for this prestigious scholarship opportunity, irrespective of their geographic origins.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to qualify for consideration, applicants must meet stringent criteria established by the scholarship committee.

How to Apply

Detailed instructions regarding the application process can be found on the University of Amsterdam’s official website.

Application Deadline

The application deadline varies based on whether candidates are applying for a bachelor’s or master’s program.

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