AI Research Scholarship in South Korea, 2024/25 worth $24,000.

The world of artificial intelligence (AI) has seen rapid advancements in recent years, and South Korea is at the forefront of this technological revolution. For the academic year 2024/25, a remarkable opportunity has emerged for aspiring AI researchers: the AI Research Scholarship in South Korea, 2024/25 worth $24,000. This scholarship not only offers financial assistance but also provides scholars with an enriching experience in a country known for its innovation and technological prowess.

Host Organization: Korean Institute of Advanced Technology (KIAT)

The Korean Institute of Advanced Technology (KIAT) is a premier research institution that plays a pivotal role in advancing technology and innovation within South Korea and beyond. Established with the mission to foster cutting-edge research and development, KIAT has built a reputation for excellence in various scientific disciplines, particularly in AI.

KIAT collaborates with leading universities, industry partners, and government bodies to drive forward-thinking projects that address global challenges. The institute offers state-of-the-art facilities and access to renowned experts in the field of AI. Through its diverse programs and initiatives, KIAT aims to cultivate talent, stimulate novel ideas, and contribute significantly to technological advancements.

Why Choose South Korea?

South Korea is an ideal destination for AI research due to its strong commitment to technological development and innovation. The country boasts advanced infrastructure, including one of the fastest internet speeds globally and extensive investments in smart cities. This environment provides researchers with unparalleled resources and opportunities.

Moreover, South Korea’s cultural richness adds immense value to the scholarship experience. The country seamlessly blends tradition with modernity—offering bustling urban centers like Seoul alongside serene historical sites such as Gyeongbokgung Palace. Scholars can enjoy rich culinary experiences with dishes like kimchi or bibimbap while engaging deeply with the local customs through festivals such as Chuseok.

Benefits of the $24,000 Scholarship

The $24,000 scholarship serves as a comprehensive support package designed to cover various aspects essential for successful research endeavors:

  • Tuition Fees: A significant portion of the scholarship will go towards covering tuition fees at affiliated institutions.
  • Living Expenses: Scholars will receive stipends to manage their daily living costs comfortably.
  • Research Funding: Additional financial support for purchasing necessary equipment or accessing specialized data sets.
  • Travel Allowances: Provisions for international airfare ensure scholars can travel between their home country and South Korea hassle-free.
  • Language Courses: Optional Korean language classes help scholars navigate daily life more easily while fostering better integration into local communities.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for this prestigious scholarship, applicants need to meet certain criteria:

  • Academic Background: Applicants must possess an undergraduate degree in computer science or related fields. A strong academic track record is essential.
  • Research Proposal: Submission of an innovative research proposal focusing on pressing issues within AI.
  • Letters of Recommendation: At least two recommendation letters from professors or industry professionals who can attest to the applicant’s capabilities.
  • Language Proficiency: While proficiency in English is mandatory (TOEFL/IELTS scores), knowledge of Korean is advantageous though not compulsory.

Application Process

Applying for this scholarship involves several steps designed to identify highly motivated individuals passionate about AI:

  1. Online Application Form: Complete and submit an online application form available on KIAT’s official website.
  2. Documentation Submission: Upload required documents including academic transcripts, recommendation letters, proof of language proficiency scores, etc.
  3. Personal Statement: Write a compelling personal statement detailing your interest in AI research along with future career aspirations.
  4. Interview Round: Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview which may be conducted virtually or physically depending on circumstances.

Life as a Scholar at KIAT

Being part of KIAT means immersing oneself in an intellectually stimulating environment where collaboration thrives among peers from diverse backgrounds:

  • Research Labs & Facilities: Scholars gain access to state-of-the-art labs equipped with advanced technologies enabling them to conduct high-quality experiments efficiently.
  • Mentorship Programs: Each scholar receives guidance from experienced mentors encouraging them to refine ideas further while providing invaluable insights based on years of expertise within the field.
  • Networking Opportunities: Regular seminars, workshops, and conferences organized throughout the year allow interaction with leading experts, thereby broadening horizons and establishing potential collaborations for future projects.


The AI Research Scholarship in South Korea, 2024/25 worth $24,000 offers a prestigious platform for aspiring AI researchers to embark on a promising career path while experiencing South Korea’s unparalleled technological and cultural richness. Apply now and start your journey towards achieving your dreams and making significant contributions to the future of AI.

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